Humanitarian Aid/Charity Relief/Aid Programs: Empowering Communities,Healthcare Supports etc.
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We are registered international aid and humanitarian charity relief organization. This organization works towards creating a lasting change by empowering communities, providing free lifesaving healthcare, water, food aid and shelter, creating sustainable development programmes and educating our future generations.  

Our mission is to eliminate poverty and economic exclusion amongst the hardest to reach communities around the world through social enterprise, grassroots empowerment and sustainability.

Right now we are inviting the concerned individuals and communities to apply for any of our aid programs, in areas of: feeding the less privileged, healthcare, medical and hospital building support, orphanage support, refugee and war victims support, scholarships, school building and equipping support, stranded migrants legalization and jobs support, shelter, clothes and food aid for widows, disables and orphans, Agric and farmers support, earthquake and flood victims support, pilgrimage, Umrah or Hajj trip support, Mosque and other religion building support etc.

One can apply on behalf of himself, family, community or his organisation, no matter the location or country or continent he or she comes from. You can also apply for the position of a project/program coordinator in your area, as the organization is looking for coordinators from the remote and deep rural areas. The coordinators will be entitled for monthly / annual compensation.

There is no application fee attached to this program and you do not patronize anyone.

You can contact me for more information and to guide you on how to apply.

Thank You,

Mill Gerlich.


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